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Pullman Industrial Balancer Reels
(Tool Balancer and Product Balancer)

Type "B" Balance
THIF Style

Type "B" & "A"
Mounting Options

Type "B" Balance
OB Style

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Pullman Industrial Balancers enhance the manufacturing environment by:
  • Minimizing operator fatigue on repetitive operations.
  • Protecting product or tooling from damage and from dropping.
  • Industrial Balancers require no electricity (powered by Pullman Spring Power).
Specifications and General Information

  • Weights from 3 LBS. To 35 LBS. (Using Dead Weight Test)
    Spring Forces (For cable balance reels only)
    A minimum of 3-lbs. And a maximum of 35-lbs. (using dead weight test) is available within the same housing. A different high carbon clock spring is used for each increment of 2-3 lbs. Multiple balances can be used for heavier weights.

  • For Vertical Counterbalancing Applications
    Tool Balancers
    Product Balancers
    Hinged Panels and Lids
    Pull Down Lighting Fixtures
    Bulletin Boards
    Industrial Equipment
    Handling Heavy Product during Assembly Operations
    Manufacturing Line
    Window Sash Balancers
    Hospital Equipment
    Safety Guards
    Panel Saw Return Mechanism

  • Cable Length up to 96"
    Characteristics for vertical counterbalancing (door, fume hood, tool balancing, etc.) where cable is preferable to steel tape, the cable may be as long as 96", but only the last approximately 30" is accurately counterbalanced for the spring force desired. Normally the less the spring force or weight involved the greater the distance beyond 30" is available at the end of the cable extension. Last 30" is accurately counterbalanced.

    Note: Length of cable affects spring force; therefore specify exact length of cable as well as spring load required.

  • Multiple Mounting Options
    "A" & "B" Styles Available

  • Variable Load Counterbalancing
    viz.: overhead doors, hinged panels and lids, the maximum spring force is only needed for a short distance when the object is initially started upward. As the load changes, the spring force lessens, for perfect balancing throughout the cable retraction.

    NOTE: For many applications, our tape type clock spring counterbalances are a better solution to normal vertical balancing problems where infrequent cycling and holding the object to be counterbalanced at any position are the objectives.

  • Built to last with Heavy Duty Cable and Metal Casing

  • Adjustment Of Spring Tension
    Final adjustment, if necessary, can be easily made in your shop or in the field. To adjust tension: (for cable balance reels only)
    1. Use a "C" clamp on housing to hold tension.
    2. Insert any appropriate tool in hole of axle and hold.
    3. Remove large cotter pin from other end of axle.
    4. Turn axle clockwise for less tension. Turn axle counter-clockwise(note more than 1/2 to 1 full turn) for more tension.
    5. Replace cotter pin.
Our Custom Industrial Balance Department is prepared to adapt standard models or provide tooling for special model, to conform to your exact requirements.

For additional information:
Industrial Balancer Reels: Specifications

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Pullman Industrial Balances can replace Caldwell Balances